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Doug Fearn hat es sich zum Ziel gesetzt, den ultimativen Mikrofonvorverstärker in Röhrentechnik... mehr
Produktinformationen "D.W.Fearn VT12"

Doug Fearn hat es sich zum Ziel gesetzt, den ultimativen Mikrofonvorverstärker in Röhrentechnik zu bauen. Der VT-12 besitzt eine handverlötete Schaltung ohne Schaltungsboard, teuerste Bauteile und eine überragende Verarbeitungsqualität. Dies resultiert in einem Sound der Seinesgleichen sucht. Der Sound ist sowohl offen und seidig in den Höhen als auch sehr fett im Bassbereich.

Damit aufgenommene Einzelsignale bekommen eine enorme Durchsetzungskraft im Mix, der massive Einsatz von Kompressor ist überflüssig. Die Teile klingen so wie sie sind: Teuer und edel. Damit ist das Thema Röhrenmikrofonvorverstärker ein für alle mal abgehakt.

Designed for use with ribbon microphones the D.W. Fearn VT-12 Vacuum Tube 70dB microphone Preamplifier is designed to accommodate the low output level of ribbon and dynamic microphones. it can also be used with condenser microphones. (Our Vt-1 and Vt-2 Vacuum tube microphone Preamplifiers are optimized for condensers.)
The Vt-12 is very similar to our Vt-2, but with higher gain (the VT-2 has 53dB of gain). We use the same custom Jensen transformers and the same sonic philosophy as the Vt-2. So the trademark sound is there _ definitely in the d.W.fearn family of products. to make the Vt-12 more versatile, we include provision for phantom powering condenser microphones.
But since many engineers are concerned about possible damage to ribbon mics if phantom power is accidently applied, we have a rear panel switch that disables all possibility of applying phantom power. The front panel "+48" switches are inoperative in this mode, and a dual red/green indicator displays the status (green for disabled phantom power, off when phantom power is available but not turned on and red when phantom power is turned on.)

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Specifications (Preliminary)
frequency response: +0.25dB 20Hz-20kHz (-3dB at 0.5Hz and 60kHz)
tHd+noise: <0.3% 20Hz-20kHz
noise: <-72dBu, unweighted
input load impedance: 1500 ohms
maximum input level for 1% tHd at 20Hz: -25dBu (-5dBu with pad)
maximum gain: 70dB
input: transformer balanced
Output: transformer balanced
maximum Output level: +22dBu into 20k
ohm bridging load
dimensions: 19W x 5.25H x 10d (inches)
(48 x 13 x 25 cm)
Weight: 18 lbs (8.2kg)
Shipping Weight: 24 lbs (11kg)

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First I have to say that you guys build the best Pre-amps all over the Planet!!! I bought 4 Pieces of the VT-2 and they sound just amazing. I use them for mostly drum recording. The warm and glassy sound with 8 channels together is just great!!!! Keep up the great work!! A happy customer from Austria/ Europe with best wishes. (I think about getting 2 more of them.....) Didi Konzett













The Brauner VMA microphone in combination with the DW Fearn VT-1 pre-amp...I don't know what to say. Except our studio has moved up to a world class sound for recording vocals. When the next Therion album is released, you will be hearing magic in the sounds. Christofer Johnsson | Therion | www.megatherion.com

... in a word, the vt-2 is a killer. the best sounding, smoothest mic preamp i have ever auditioned. If you can afford one, buy it. Dr. Frederick J. Bashour | Pro Audio Review (Ausgabe Juli/August 1996)

I´ve just started using one of those D.W. Fearn valve mic preamps -- it's the only valve mic amp i've used that sounds really good on drums. It's really punchy on bass drum and snare. I´m also using it extensively on keyboards and acoustic guitars, as well as electric guitar. It manages to sound fat while still retaining a nice, very open top end. highly recommended! Alan Douglas | Engineer für Eric Clapton, The Jam, Queen, Grace Jones, in einem Mix Magazine Interview August 1998

We were doing percussion overdubs and had (2) AKG C-451s over the setup (congas, shaker, etc.). We switched from the Focusrite Red 1 to the VT-2 and then came the single most exhilerating moment in our careers. None of us (including the artist and the percussionist) have ever heard anything that sounded even close to the VT-2. It totally and completely blew away the Red 1. I could not believe the detail, depth, presence, warmth, and ‘bigness.’ It was as if the player was standing on the meter bridge. I expected to be impressed by the unit but I did not expect THAT!! In the 2 minutes it took to install it, our studio went from a solid project studio to the foundations of world-class. By the end of the session, the client had re-cut all the percussion with the VT-2 and booked additional time for re-cutting lead vocals and bass on 5 finished tracks. We're already making room for our second VT-2 as soon as the budget allows. Alan Mazzetti, Artifax Studio, Chadds Ford, PA