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The Quartet II Tube Recording Channel Includes:

An enhanced version of the Mic/DI Tube Preamp from the MDP-1 with switchable mic input transformers and input loading.
The delta-mu Tube Compressor/Limiter from the ES-8 with additional sidechain modes.
A new inductor-based Passive Tube EQ with HI Peak, MID Dip and LO Boost/Cut bands and a harmonic-rich 'Aggressive' Mode.
A new brickwall analog peak limiter with JFET or MOSFET modes.
The Mic/DI, EQ, Compressor and Peak Limiter can be patched out and used independently.
Transformerless or transformer-balanced main output
Gold-plated switch contacts, I/O connectors and tube sockets
Polypropylene caps and metal film resistors (pairs matched to 0.1%)
Fully regulated high voltage, filament and bipolar power supplies with soft-start warm-up and output muting
Custom toroidal power transformer with shield for minimum hum

The Quartet II is not an update nor a replacement for our very popular Quartet, but complementary unit that incorporates a substantially different combination of elements. Designed with the input of Fletcher of Mercenary Audio, many additional options have been provided to tailor the texture of the audio character for maximum musical flexibility.

The tube Mic/DI preamp has the unique option of being able to switch between two markedly different sounding input transformers and loading options. The DI can handle pickups, keyboards, or line-level signals. The mic preamp also features phantom power, input pad, phase reversal, and a switchable lo-cut filter. Independent gain and output controls permit overdrive of the tube stage to vary the harmonic content of the preamp.

The delta-mu compressor, derived from the popular ES-8, has the classic compression profile of the Fairchild 660 and 670 limiters. It can be used in one of five modes: Fast, Faster, Vintage (with program-dependent response), Average (rms responding), or full manual operation. It also features a switchable sidechain high pass filter to decrease the sensitivity of the compressor to low frequency content.

The new 3 band tube Passive/Aggressive Equalizer is a modern take on the classic inductor-based passive EQ. It features simultaneous Lo Shelf boost and cut, Mid Dip and Hi Peak bands. The Aggressive mode increases the saturation of the EQ circuit to add harmonic content. In addition, the EQ can be placed before or after the compressor with the flip of a switch.

The new JFET/MOSFET Peak Limiter uses a novel approach to brickwall analog limiting, with JFET and MOSFET modes for two different characters of peak limiting, and accurate led metering in 1 dB increments. Unlike other designs, the peak limiter adds no appreciable distortion below threshold.

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Pendulum Audio repräsentiert mit seinen Röhren-Signalprozessoren den Stand der Technik im modernen Röhren-Schaltungsdesign. Die verwendeten Class A-Schaltungen mit kurzen Signalwegen verfügen über einen ausgedehnten Headroom und sind ohne Übertrager aufgebaut. Sie liefern eine überlegene Audioqualität und ein Maß an Transparenz und „Intimität", das schwer zu beschreiben ist. Alle Geräte werden nach strengen Maßstäben in Handarbeit hergestellt, wobei die besten verfügbaren Komponenten zum Einsatz kommen. Nicht umsonst sind die Pendulum Audio Geräte sehr beliebt bei Masteringingenieuren und -Studios. Greg Gualtieri, Designer von Pendulum Audio über seine Designphilosophie

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